How can I set-up alerts for a boat?

Alerts inform you when your boats require urgent attention. You can set up all kinds of alerts: from high engine RPM and low battery voltage to strong wind and grounding.

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Only users with account owners rights are able to set alerts for their fleet within the Fleet Management Dashboard. When set up, the alerts will be automatically shared with your team members.

How to set alerts:

  1. Login to your Fleet Management Dashboard account:

  2. When logged in, click your name on the top right, then choose Settings.

  3. In the menu on the left, choose Alert Center.

  4. Choose Add an alert. Now 4 steps appear. 

  5. Step 1, choose your preferred Alert type.

  6. Then, in step 2, choose the Boats to apply this alert to.
  7. In step 3, Configuration, set the right levels for your alert.
  8. Finally, in step 4, you can set-up notifications to your teams via e-mail or sms. To do so, simply choose the email addresses of your team members from the drop down menu or/and enter the phone numbers to which the alert will be sent.

    Note: make sure the phone number starts with a + and country code (i.e. +32 for Belgium).

  9. If you wish to notify the people on board via the Sailsense Mobile app, check the "Notify people on board with Sailsense App" option. People on board will then receive notifications in case of .
  10. Click validate, and your alert is ready to use!