How can I get an overview of the technical status of all my fleet?

Ever wanted to know which boats are ready to leave for charter and which ones are not? The BOATS view answers that question!

The BOATS view provides a live view of the state of your fleet.

  1. Navigate to Boats in the top menu.
  2. Here you find an overview on your boats.
    You can filter on Boat type, Status (in navigation, at port, on shore), Battery, Fuel and Water.

Boats 1234

Not happy with the parameters you see?

You can re-arrange all the columns as you like by clicking on the Settings wheel on the dashboard view. 

Here bellow a possible view : 


Tip: you can see the last time your sailsense box sent information from your boat by moving your mouse on the following icon

Tip: by clicking on the boat name you'll access the logbook and see the last 24 hours of navigation of your boat.


Note: the parameters available on the BOATS view depend on the parameters monitored by your Sailsense devices.