Configuring your account

First steps to set-up your account and get started smoothly!

First of all thanks for joining Sailsense!

In the section below, you will find a quick guide to set-up your account and make sure that you get the most out of your Fleet Management Platform.

So let's get started!

Click on your avatar picture in the top right corner of the screen to go to the Settings section.

Step 1: configure your profile

    • Edit your name, your phone number as well as your preferred language
    • Update you password if you received a temporary one (read more...)

Step 2: edit your organisation

    • Edit your company details, logo, ...
    • If you are planning on using the digital check-in & check-out module, you can edit the Terms of Service displayed to your guests in the Sailsense Mobile App for Sailors (read more...)

Step 3: add bases

    • Add bases and draw their boundaries (read more...)
    • Note that bases boundaries will be used to trigger in/out of harbour alerts
    • Bases are required if are planning to add users or boats to your organisation

Step 4: add users

    • Add team members to your account and allocate them to a base. Read more about roles here ... 
    • Send us an email to in case you want to allocate a user to several bases.

Step 5: add boats

    • Create boats, edit their picture, add documents and blueprints and allocate them to a base (read more...)
    • Note that the pictures, documents and blueprint you add here will also be visible to your guests in the Sailsense Mobile App for Sailors
    • If you are using Sailsense devices, you can see and configure them in the My Sailsense Device tab.

Step 6: configure alerts for your boats

    • In the alert center, you can configure alerts for your boats and who should be notified about them (read more...)
    • Note that whenever you add a new boat to the platform, it comes with no alert configured. So do not forget to add your new boat to existing alerts to make sure that your boat is monitored. 

Step 7: set-up your digital check-in or check-out

    • If you are planning on asking your charter guests to submit their check-in and/or check-out on their mobile, you need to create your check-in and check-out forms in the Checklists section (read more...)
    • Once done, you can start adding rentals in the RENTALS section and let your charter guests see their boat data, their personal logbook as well as their check-in & check-out results in the Sailsense Mobile App for Sailors.

Step 8: edit your notification preferences

    • Last but not least, go back to the Profile Section of the Settings. In the Notifications tab, you can refine your notification preferences (read more...)


Voila ! You are all set! 👍

In case of question, you can always ask the Sailsense Assistant by clicking on the conversation bubble at the bottom right of each page.