What's the Dashboard?

The Dashboard is the central place of your Fleet Management Platform. It provides a summary of all attention points related to your fleet.

The Dashboard is organised as a scrollable activity feed where you can see day per day all the key information about your fleet activities, the alerts on your boats as well as open conversations with your guests. 

On the right side, you can also see 4 KPIs panels summarizing your operations.

Dashboard 1234

The following items can be found on your Dashboard overview:

  • Boats currently navigating
  • Boats moored or anchored
  • Boats that are not connected
  • Ongoing rentals
  • Open tasks
  • Assigned tasks
  • Events


Tip ! 

Almost every item of the Dashboard view is clickable. For exemple:

  • by clicking on the boat name, you can see the track of the last 24 hours of that boat on a map
  • by clicking on the following icon next to an alert  link , you can see the details of where and how the event happened