Discovery tour of your Fleet Management Platform

Quick guided tour of the main features of your Fleet Management Platform.

The Fleet Management Platform is composed of 6 main modules:

  • The dashboard module provides an overview of the key attention points related to your fleet, your ongoing rentals, maintenance tasks for your boats, ...
  • The boat monitoring module lets you see what is happening right now or what has happened previously on your boats;
  • The rental management module is the place where you can manage your rentals as well as the check-in and check-out performed by your guests;
  • The maintenance management module lets you manage all the repair and maintenance tasks of your boats;
  • The analytics module, where you view key operational reports and dive into data;
  • The settings module

The Dashboard module

The dashboard module is the central place of your Fleet Management Platform. It provides a summary of all attention points related to your fleet.

It is organised as a scrollable activity feed where you can see day per day all the key information about your fleet activities, the alerts on your boats as well as open conversations with your guests. 

Dashboard 1234


The Monitoring module

The boat monitoring module provides you with a view of where your fleet is located, in which conditions are the boats, what is happening or what has happened previously on each boat.

It is composed of 3 screens:

  • the BOATS tab provides a live view of the state of your fleet. It answers questions such as : are my boats ready to sail? what's the fuel level of this boat ? is the boat connected to shore power? ...
    Boats 1234

  • the LIVE tab: by clicking on the LIVE tab, you'll be able to see on a map where your fleet is located as well as the latest data received (such as your engine parameters, battery voltage, navigation instruments information or fuel & water level)
    Live 1234

  • the LOGBOOK tab allows you to go back in time and see the historical track, parameters and alerts of a selected boat between two dates and times. 
    Logbook 1234


The Rental Management module

The Rental Management Module is the place to manage ongoing, past and future rentals. By clicking on a rental, you can see the details of the check-in and check-out submitted by your guests with the Sailsense Mobile App for Sailors.



The Maintenance Management module

Is the repair of the boat leaving for charter tonight already done?  How many time have you asked yourself this question while looking for your post-it or notebook... 

The task manager view helps you stay on top of all the "to-do's" related to your boats. you can create new tasks, assign them to your team and get notifications on your phone or per email as soon as a task is assigned to you or is completed. 

tasks 1234


The Analytics Module 

Need a report about engine hours per month ? or about events per boat per week? That's what the Analytics Module is meant for. Get reports of relevant KPIs of your fleet. 

analytics 1234


The Settings module

Everything you need to set-up your account, edit your bases, your boats, your Sailsense devices, your check-in and check-out, your notification preferences, ... and much more !

Just click on your avatar picture in the top right corner of every screen.

settings 1234