How can I get advanced reports on KPIs related to my fleet?

Need a report about engine hours per month or about events per boat per week? That's what the Analytics Module is meant for.

The ANALYTICS view contains reports related to your fleet usage. This section is tailored made to each charter company.


Need a specific report not available in the list below or in your platform? Talk to your account manager for a tailored offer.


Below is a list of indicative reports most commonly available throughout our customers:

  • Fleet Usage: a report to visualize the total number of navigation days, engine hours and events (per type) for a given period of time;
  • Telematics Data: a report to create interactive charts with the main KPIs of your boat (speed, depth, battery voltage, engine speed, ...) over a given period of time;
  • Geo Heatmap: a report showing the most common areas where your customers have sailed to;
  • Engine hours: a report to visualize the total engine hours aggregated per mont;
  • Tasks report: a report to visualize the number of tasks open and closed for every month;
  • ...

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