How can I edit my notifications preferences?

SMS or email notifications can be set-up in the Fleet Management Dashboard to inform you when a task or issue is assigned to you or when a check-in or check-out has been done by one of your customers.

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Here's how to update your notification preferences:

Note: notification preferences are personal. Each member of tour team can set-up his/her own notification preferences.

  1. Login to your Fleet Management Dashboard account:

  2. When logged in, click your name on the top right, then choose Settings.

  3. In the menu on the left, choose Profile.

  4. In the Notification tab, you can select to be notified by e-mail or sms:
    • Whenever a check-in or check-out form is submitted (with or without problems)
    • Whenever a check-in or check-out form is submitted with one or more problems
    • Whenever an issue is reported by one of your customers
    • Whenever a task is assigned to you

If you want to be notified by SMS, make sure that your telephone number is set in the "Personal Information" tab.