How can I know if my boat has NMEA2000 ?

Raymarine, Garmin, SIMrad, B&G, ... what's what?  

NMEA2000 is a protocol used in the boating industry to send messages from your wind or depth meter and allow your chartplotter to display it.  This is the same for your engine informations but in some cases you'll need a specific gateway in order to get them. 


  • Raymarine 

Depending on the build date you should have the SeaTalk 1 or NG network on your boat.  Seatalk1 is a propretary protocol base on NMEA0183. But don't worry there is a converter for SeaTalkNG. 

The last SeaTalkNG is the last version and uses also the NMEA2000 standard. protocol.  


   SeaTalK 1 SeaTalk NG Networking Cables | Raymarine
   SeaTalkNG connector  Raymarine SeatalkNG


  • Garmin 

They use the standard NMEA2000 circular connector also know as MicroC connector. 

If you have this type of connector in your boat you are pretty sure this is an NMEA2000 backbone. 

NMEA 2000 M12 Male 5Pin Micro Connector Right Angled

  • SIMrad 

It uses a specific type of connector called SIMnet but it's an NMEA2000 protocol. 

See hereclose a view of the connector : 


    SIMnet backbone  SimNet 7 Port Multi- by SIMRAD
    SIMnet cable with connector SIMRAD SimNet Cable 10m [SIM-24005852]: Electronics