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How can my team perform a check-in or check-out on behalf of a customer?

All the members of your team can perform a check-in or a check-out procedure on any of your boats in the Sailsense Mobile App.

Here's how:

  1. To start, make sure that the Sailsense Mobile App is available on your team member's phone. If not, download it to his/her phone (Android | iOS).
  2. Open the app and login with the same credentials used by your team member to login to the Fleet Management Dashboard.
    You don't have an account yet? Learn how to create an account for one of your team members.
  3. Tap the boat name on top of the screen. Select the boat for which you want to perform a check-in or a check-out.
  4. Navigate to Checklists.
  5. In the Rental section, select the procedure you wish to complete (check-in or check-out)
  6. Perform all the steps of your check-in or check-out procedure 
  7. Done! Your check-in or check-out form is submitted and available in your Fleet Management Dashboard.

Did you know?

Members of your team can submit several check-in or check-out for any of your boats in the Sailsense Mobile app. This is very handy to overwrite mistakes or failed procedures from your customers.