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How to configure a check-in or a check-out procedure?

You can digitize your rental processes by letting your customers perform their check-in or check-out procedures on their own on their smartphones.

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How create a check-in or check-out procedure ?

  1. Login to your Fleet Management Dashboard: app.sailsense.io

  2. When logged in, click your name on the top right corner, then choose settings.
  3. In the menu on the left, choose checklists.
  4. Click on 'Add check-in' or 'Add check-out' depending on the type of procedure you wish to create
  5. Here you need to:
    1. Provide a name for your checklist: this name will be displayed in your customers' mobile app
    2. Select one of the process types:
      • "Check-in by Sailor" or "Check-out by Sailor": this allows your customers to perform the check-in or check-out procedure by himself/herself in the Sailsense Mobile App. In case a critical item is missing, he/she will need to get it sorted out with one of your team members in order to be able to complete the checklist.
      • "Check-in by Charter Company" or "Check-out by Charter Company": in this case, one of your team member will have to perform the check-in or check-out procedure on his phone, in the Sailsense Mobile App.
    3. Select the boats to which this procedure will be applied.
                 (i) you can create a different check-in or check-out procedure for all your boats
                 (ii) each boat can only be linked to one check-in and one check-out procedure
    4. Choose the optional modules to be added to the procedure: these modules allow you to customize the information you request from your customers:
    5. Add as many sections and items as you want
    6. When done, click on Save changes 

Do you want to prevent your customers from finalizing their check-in or check-out procedure when critical items are not checked ?

No problem. Simply check the exclamation mark checkbox at the right of each item. This will trigger a pop-up message for your customers in the Sailsense Mobile app, asking them to finalize the checklist with one of your team members.

Did you know that your team can also perform check-in or check-out? 

Yes. All the members of your team can perform a check-in or a check-out procedure on any of your boats in the Sailsense Mobile app. This is very handy to overwrite mistakes or failed procedures from your customers.