Installation example on a Sailing boat

What do you need and which information can you see on your sailing boat.

We'll list here an example of what type of information you could get on a Oceanis 46.1


  • Information available with a HUB and a POD. 




  • Interfaces that you can connecto to with a HUB and a POD. 

- Service battery 

- Engine battery 

- Up to 3 voltage measurement

    1. Fuel 1& 2 / water tank1
    2. or Fuel level 1  / blidge pump* / water tank 1  

- Engine information ( RPM, Cooalnt temperature, ..) 

- NMEA2000 intruments ( and engine information if there is an NMEA2000 gateway). 


* In this case, the blidge pump requires some additonal connection 

  • Number of devices needed for a typical installation on a Sailboat : 

- 1 HUB, installed close to the main switch panel with a close access to an NMEA2000 backbone. 


- 1 POD located close to the engine. 

In this Port side cabin, you have access to the engine room on the side and you can after mount the POD in the inner wall bellow the bed.