Introduction about tasks

What are the different types of tasks? How can they be created?


A task is a "to-do" or an action or a work order to be performed on one of your boats. 

Tasks can be created from 4 different processes:

  1. By any of your team members, in the Tasks section of the the Fleet Management Dashboard). Learn more about this process here.
  2. Automatically, by Sailsense's Task Scheduler. Learn more about the task scheduler and how to configure it here.
  3. By one of your charter customers using the Sailsense Mobile app for Sailors. Learn more about the report an issue process.
  4. From any submitted check-in or check-out (in the Fleet Management Dashboard), by one of your team members. See process here.

All tasks will appear in the Tasks section of your Fleet Management Dashboard, regardless of their originating process. The column "source" will display their origin.


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