What is the meaning of the led colour of my Sailsense devices ?

How to understand what the logo color means


   LED behaviour



    Blinking white

 Device is booting

    White steady

 Device is starting to operate

    Blue steady

 Device is connected on the network

    Blinking green

 You get information from the engine bus or NMEA2000. 

   Blinking red

 Error mode.

 Unplug the cable. After 2 minutes, plug it back. The   device should boot normally. If the problem persists,   contact Sailsense Support.

   No light

 The device is powered off or in sleep mode. Note:     the device automatically enters sleep mode after 1     hour of inactivity. It will automatically wake-up at l   east every hour or in case of noticeable event (boat   moving, voltage change, NMEA2000 signal, …). 

   Heartbeat white 

 The device is for the moment in sleep mode and will   turn back ON if the boat moves or if the navigation   instruments are back ON.