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Discovery tour of the Sailsense APP

Thank you for downloading the Sailsense APP. In the section below, we will provide you a guided tour of the main features of the Sailsense APP.

So what can you do with the Sailsense APP?

Connect with your boat

With our smart assistant, your boat becomes available on your smartphone. Get proactive advice about weather forecast, grounding risks or technical issue. Perform your check-in online and communicate with the boat owner/manager for direct assistance.


Get smart notifications for easier sailing

Let our smart assistant inform you about risky situations: get notified in case of possible grounding risks, anchor drifting, dangerous maneuvers, technical failures, or simply when you are running low on batteries or fuel.  


Track your boat condition

Check the status of the main boat systems in a flash of an eye. Get access to the user manual and other helpful documents about the boat.  


Perform your check-in and check-out on your mobile

Save time while checking in or out. Perform all the admin tasks on your phone. No more paper work !


Report issues directly to the boat manager or owner

A scratch on the hull? A damaged equipment? A fender lost ? No worries, inform the boat manager directly and get support faster.


Log you navigations memories 

Track your experiences, discoveries and routes. Share them with your friends and family in just a few taps. 



Find out more information on how to connect you boat to your phone and get started !