How can I change or reset my password?

Learn how to update or reset your password.

If you know your password and you want to change it:

  1. Login to your Fleet Management Dashboard account:

  2. When logged in, click your name on the top right, then choose Settings.

  3. In the menu on the left, choose Profile.

  4. In the Security Tab, update your password.
  5. Click on Save changes. You're done!

If you have forgotten your password and want to reset it:

  1. If you are still logged to the Fleet Management Dashboard, click on your name on the top right, then choose Log Out.
  2. Go to

  3. Click on Forgot Password below the Log In button.
  4. Enter the email address linked to your Sailsense account. If you have a valid account with Sailsense, you will soon receive a email to update your password.
  5. You're done!


If you have any issue regarding your account password feel free to contact the support team :