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How can I import my rentals from my booking system?

You can easily transfer all your rentals from your booking system with one click.

1. Once logged in, click on the rentals tab. 


You'll be able to see in a blink of an eye all your boat rentals:  

rental view

2. Click on bulk import located on the left side of your web page. This should open a popup where you can select a file. 

Example file here  


Click here to select your .csv file with all your boat rentals. 


3. When the file is imported, select which collum represents the start and the end date, the email address (if you have it), and the boat name. 

4. When the file turns green, you can click on import and close the windows as soon as the files are successfully imported. 



Now you can see that your rentals are available in your Sailsense platform. 



  • If your rental is provided with an email, the system will send an email to your customer with the rental code when you click on import
  • When there isn't an email attached to it, you can send the rental code or provide the code to your client when he's at your front desk.