How can I respond to an issue created by a customer?

During their rental journey, your customers can notify you about problems or issues thanks to the Sailsense Mobile app. You can consult or answer to these issues from the Tasks section of the Fleet Management Dashboard.

To consult or answer to an issues submitted by one of your customers, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Fleet Management Dashboard account:
  2. Navigate to Tasks in the top menu.
  3. Here you find an overview of all the issues and tasks of your fleet.
  4. Use the filter panel on the left or sort each column to organize the list.
    You can sort on boat nameassigneetask creatoraffected partcreation date, priority, creation date and status.
  5. Select the relevant task by hitting the text balloon-button in the Action column on the right.
  6. If relevant, update the name of the task, its status, its priority, its due date or its assignee
  7. Click on Update
  8. If relevant, add a comment in the text field underneath the conversation flow.
  9. Tick the "Share the note with its issuer" option to share the comment with the person who submitted the issue. Your comment will then appear in his/her Sailsense Mobile app.
    Note: if the checkbox is left un-ticked, your comment will only be visible to your team members.
  1. Click on Send. You're done!