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Are boat data available in real-time in the Fleet Management Platform?

When the boat is located within cellular network coverage, its data are available in Sailsense's platforms within 3 to 5 minutes. This buffer is used to clean and process the data so that no "noise" or incomplete data are displayed.

Note that this delay can vary depending on:

  • the network quality at a given location: if the local network coverage does not allow to transmit all the data generated by the boat systems, the time buffer will increase.
  • the power state of the HUB: off course, the HUB needs to be powered to transmit data. If the HUB is in sleep mode, the next data point will be transmitted within maximum 60 minutes.

How to check the current "delay"?

In the Fleet Management Platform:

Go to the "Boat" tab and put your mouse over the icon.

A pop-up will appear with the date and time of the last available data.

HubSpot Video

In the Sailor Mobile APP:

The last available data is displayed on the top of each screen, under the boat name.